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Heaven or Hell?
23rd-Jan-2009 02:30 am - Closing up Shoppe for a while!
Okay guys, I really really HATE to do this BUT I’m going to have to close things down, just for the time being.

I ran the first round as a trial round to see how things went, and while they went amazingly well at the start, things went downhill fast and with the way things stand right now, I just CAN’T keep running the tournament with the ill feelings between players.
It’s the internet, drama happens, I know this. But I also know there’s a big rift in opinions amongst the players right now and I just don’t think this makes for a fun playing environment for anyone.
Right now there’s just too much negativity going around for this to be a fun game for EVERYONE involved, and believe it or not, that's all I want out of this game. For EVERYONE to be able to have a good time.

That said, I want to thank everyone who came out for the trial round and worked their freaking BUTTS off. Really, you guys are amazing, and I’m truly sorry I wasn’t a better admin to be able to keep things from getting to this point. Comics, I understand. People? Not so much. That's what the other added mods are here for tho, so hopefully with their help, things won't go there again! (The trial round also proved to me I can't run this alone! So the new mods will be an added bonus, seriously!)

I would like to, with the help of all the mods, open the game back up sometime in the future so everyone who didn’t get to play in the trial round will get their chances to play in future rounds. Also some of you guys set up amazing stories and I would love for you to get to continue them within the game. So while I’m closing the doors for the time being, I would, with your support, like to be able to open the game up again somewhere down the line when moods are better and emotions are back in check and everyone just wants to draw some freakin’ comics!

Also this will give the mods time to reorganize and retool the entire game so it’ll play a lot smoother than this trial rounds was, so I think it’ll benefit everyone in the end!

I’d really like to thank everyone who turned out for the trial round, you guys are awesome, and you know your comics, and characters, blew people away. I’d also like to thank the prospective players who signed up for the next round, there were a lot of you and I’m sorry the next round won’t be for a while D: But we'll try to get it back up and running sooner rather than later!

Until the game reopens I would like to link to other comics tourneys on the web so our absence doesn’t prevent you from playing in a tourney if you’d like to!
There’s always the ever classic VOID:
Explosm has their own:
(Albeit more cartoon than comic, they’re still rad)
SDL on DA:
EFN on DA:
CC on DA:
There are a lot more on DA, so I just listed a couple that seem to be pretty popular, I'm sure you can find more if you dig around the site tho...there's a LOT there X_X
Also if you have any tourneys you'd like to pimp, please go right ahead!

So, bottom line is we’re not closing up for good, but I honestly think it’s best if the mods take some time to rework and reorganize the game into a nice shiny, smooth running machine and that emotions die down so everyone can have fun playing in the same game, together.

Thanks again, and I'm SO sorry things didn't run as smoothly as planned but we'll try to make up for it in the future!
22nd-Jan-2009 12:54 am - I AM BEGGING YOU GUYS
If you're going to have a long personal thread, PLEASE don't do it on the round one comics post. I get email notifications for every. single. comment. you guys make.
And that's a LOT.
If you're going to comment on the COMICS, cool, but PLEASE PLEEEEEAAAAAAAASE if you're just going to talk, take it to your own LJ or to email or AIM, or SOMETHING HA HA HA XDDD

I'll fix this problem for the next big comics post but I didn't even think of it this time and my inbox can't handle it!

So please please please take personal conversations off of the Round One comics post XDDD

Ha ha ha thanks guys!
Robin - climbing over
NEW PLAYERS! Post Your Trial Intro Comics Here!

Everyone has to walk through the pain of a trial round!

New players that have had their characters approved are required to do an introduction comic of their character.

Pages are DUE ONE MONTH after your character has been approved!
At least 2-4 pages are required. Any media goes as long as the pages are legible (as in, figures in space, readable texts, etc). CLICK HERE to look at the first round of trial comics to get an idea on what we're looking for :)

Only after you post your intro comic you will become an Active Player on the next round.

Please post your pages as a comment to this entry.
Make sure you put the name of your character as a subject to your comment.

Your comments will be screened, but will be released for public viewing ASAP.

Looking forward to the fresh blood! X3
21st-Jan-2009 03:45 am - DROP-OUT REQUESTS
Quicklinks: What is Megiddo? || Character List/Sign Up || Pinch Hitters || Drop-out Requests || Comments/Suggestions?


Dropping out of the round? Please let us know HERE so that we can assign a pinch hitter to your partner!


1) Notify us no later than two weeks before the Round's due date.
2) Follow Rule 1, and you'll be allowed to keep playing without penalty. :D
3) If you're a no-show on the deadline and you didn't warn us, you will be put on probation (you'll still be allowed to play, but think of it as a last warning).
4) Miss the due date again without saying so here, and you will be removed from play. D:

It can't always be helped when life gets in the way, but show your partner consideration and let us know if times get tough.
21st-Jan-2009 03:13 am - PINCH HITTERS
Quicklinks: What is Megiddo? || Character List/Sign Up || Pinch Hitters || Drop-out Requests || Comments/Suggestions?


This post is for willing and able Pinch Hitters! If you'd like to join this growing list of backup-love, comment here and I'll take care of you. Anyone and everyone is welcome to volunteer, whether you're a current player or not.



Thanks for your help!
20th-Jan-2009 11:08 pm - GENERAL QUESTIONS & DISCUSSIONS
Robin - climbing over
Quicklinks: What is Megiddo? || Character List/Sign Up || Pinch Hitters || Drop-out Requests || Comments/Suggestions?


I will be handling most of the general questions and discussions about the rules / how things work / etc.

Need to know if the character you want to enter is okay? Ask here!
Need a clarification on some rule that seemed to have been written in alien-speak?? Ask here! XD
Have suggestions on how things should work in the game? Put them up, please, we want to hear!
Just want to discuss your feelings for the day or what you ate for lunch? Well, sure!

In other words, feel free to ask about anything and everything if you are unsure. I'll answer your question, or one of the other moderators will :3

Suggestions are also very much welcome!

This also includes any sort of complaint/problems/issues/etc. that you may be having.
Feel free to privately message me or send me an e-mail at blackstones (at) gmail (dot) come if you wish to bring up an issue privately~

I get this job because junemermaid thinks I might be less scary. I promise I'm not scary lol I'm totally up for a good time!-- so much so that I should get my own toll-free number ~points~ ~winks~
derpderp blob
Quicklinks: What is Megiddo? || Character List/Sign Up || Pinch Hitters || Drop-out Requests || Comments/Suggestions?


Old entrants re-applying and/or new players, please post your character profiles here, as well as an introductory comic entry on this post.

(Trying to get this place re-organized with the new mods! I'll be taking care of the character roster from now on, though junemermaid will still be handling administrative approval of new characters.)

Here’s how to join up!Collapse )

Current Character RosterCollapse )

Please be patient as we make Megiddo bigger and better. : )
20th-Jan-2009 11:43 pm - RULES AND INPUT!
Because of the sheer amount of people who didn't turn anything in this time I'm going to change things up a bit to try to keep people from getting totally jipped by their partner AND to make sure things are fair to people who NEED to drop out.

RULE CHANGES ON WITHDRAWL FROM A ROUND (and how to return if you dropped this time)Collapse )


New mods, their jobs and questions and concerns!Collapse )


Okay, that's all I can think of for now. If you have comments or suggestions on ways to make this game run smoother, please let me know. If you bailed this round and want to reapply, lemme know, if you want to drop out, lemme know. You know, whatever!

After suggestions come in we'll update the actual rules post, but for now please keep all new rules/old rules/suggestions threads on this post so we can keep track of them and update accordingly!

EDIT: If you're willing to be a pinch hitter please let me know too! It's good karma!
20th-Jan-2009 05:10 pm - ROUND ONE COMICS OPEN!
Round One's comics are now unscreened and open to the public for viewing over HERE!

Please stop by and give the artists any comments you may have!

(I'll have an info post on the state of the comm later tonight so please wait till then to ask about future rounds, joining if you haven't played before, etc...)
20th-Jan-2009 03:01 am - DEADLINE!

It's 12:30 PST, 30 minutes after the deadline!

All comics submitted after this post will not be considered for competition and players not turning in their comics by this deadline will be excluded from future play.

Thanks to everyone who turned their works in on time!

EVERYTHING UNSCREENED! Go check them ouuuuuut!!!

I'll make a voting poll (for the few pairing thst both parties actually finished lol) later, but for now feel free to give your feedback to the artists!!!

EDIT: Right now the post is members only, so only players have access to it. I'll open it up to everyone a little later :3
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